The University of San Isidro is an educational institution forming part of the Roman Catholic Church within the scope of the Diocese of San Isidro; therefore, we believe that the pastoral area is an important and essential part of the university, and its actions are cross-curricular and diverse, always trying to be present in the university daily life. This is shown by means of different actions that promote the ethical and values formation of all members of the university environment. Specially, the pastoral activities consider the promotion of spaces for reflection and praying in order to help inward strengthening and the encounter with God, with ourselves and with others. By means of the execution of caring projects, this area promotes a sense of social commitment with the needy and also stimulates the professional formation, developing a generous spirit of service.

In constant search of the truth, the university pastoral area motivates the creation of spaces for the dialogue between the science and the faith, so that through reflection, discussion and the encountering between the culture and the Gospel, the university community may be able to develop knowledge leading to wisdom. The university pastoral area is a space for the search, service, dialogue, encounter, prayer, communion, solidarity, and for any other proposal contributing to the development of the personal dignity.

The pastoral area is an open environment composed of people from the university community (teachers, students and non-teaching staff). We make an effort to get close to the persons that are part of the university, considering their lives, interests and concerns. We are eager to contribute to a growth and formation that favors the integration of faith and life, as a way to achieve the integral development of the person, always guided by the Gospel from its inclusive and dynamic reality, in the same way Jesus did in order to reach out to everyone, with no exclusions.